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Barcelona street food: the colorful Boqueria Market

February 3, 2019

Ready for a sunny getaway? If there’s one thing you can’t miss in Barcelona, it’s the colorful Boqueria Market! Barcelona street food looks and tastes amazing here! Vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, this market caters for all tastes! And to top it up, the colors are extremely photogenic!

Nuts and sweets / Boqueria Market
Nuts and sweets / Boqueria Market

How to get there

Boqueria Market or Mercat de la Boqueria is easily reachable from the Liceu (L3) metro stop. The vibrant food market is within easy reach from La Rambla, Plaça de Catalunya or nearby neighborhoods such as El Raval or the Gothic Quarter.

It is open everyday from 8AM to 8PM, except for Sundays, when it’s closed. You don’t need a ticket, just get inside and enjoy the colorful adventure!

Barcelona street food: what we tried

Boqueria Market offers an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, sweets and so on. On the other hand, it also boasts a variety of fish, fresh sea fruit, meats, and cheeses. And on top of that, you are invited to eat at the food stands and restaurants in the market, which mainly cook fresh fish and sea fruit, but its not only that!

Here’s what we tried and the prices:

When you enter the market, the variety of colorful fresh juices catch your eye almost instantly. Even in winter, we had amazing fruit options to choose from, such as pineapple, coconut, watermelon, cactus fruit and so on.

Fresh mango juice / Boqueria Market / Barcelona street food
Fresh mango juice / Boqueria Market

We opted of course for a colorful drink. This one was a combination of mango and coconut, but the best we have tried must have been a baby-pink strawberry and coconut juice. If you are fruit lovers, like us, you will surely enjoy this experience!

The prices of these range between 1 and 2.5 euros. So don’t be shy and wonder around, before jumping in for your colorful purchases!

We also bought coconut, since it’s not a fruit we come across that often.

Fresh fruit and juices / Boqueria Market
Fresh fruit and juices / Boqueria Market

This was only 1 euro and it was very consistent. We’ve been snacking on it the entire day.

Moving on to more serious stuff, we feel in love with the Vegan falafel in this market.

The food stand is on the right side of the market, and it runs between 11.30 am and 7 pm.

Vegan Falafel / Boqueria Market / Barcelona street food
Vegan Falafel / Boqueria Market

You can tell from the photo alone that is was absolutely delicious. It’s not a Spanish dish, but sometimes you just have to go for what the stomach wants. We have no regrets!

The price for this is 5 euros and it’s vegan!

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Desert? Yes please!

Finally, we shared a huge Marilyn Monroe crepe, with marshmallows, M&Ms and Nutella filling.

Jimmy Hendrix, Donald Trump or Marilyn Monroe? Boqueria Market Crepes / Barcelona street food
Jimmy Hendrix, Donald Trump or Marilyn Monroe? / Boqueria Market Crepes

It was a VERY SWEET experience. In fact, you can skip all other meal courses and just have this, and almost certainly you will fill full.

Do we recommend the Barcelona street food in Boqueria Market?

Absolutely. It’s fresh, cheap and it’s more than a simple culinary experience!

Barcelona street food / Boqueria Market
Barcelona street food / Boqueria Market

It’s a colorful journey of the senses: the smell of spices, the fresh colors that delight your eye, the unique combination of tastes and, finally, the local feeling you get when simply observing people caring for their tiny colorful businesses.

Have you tried any food at Boqueria Market? Let us know what we’ve missed!

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