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30 Best Travel Gifts under $100: Useful Travel Gifts Guide

December 6, 2019

Follow our guide to the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100 to choose the most beautiful and useful gifts for your friends who love to travel! Updated for 2020 and based on our full-time traveling experiences, this travel gift guide features some amazing products that travelers actually need, to make their adventures more enjoyable and to add that extra touch of comfort. Perfect travel sizes, affordable prices, lightweight and practical, let’s discover the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100!


1. Portable Iron – Perfect travel size – from $23.99

Although most of the time we choose to pack clothes that don’t need ironing, there are many occasions when a portable iron comes in handy. Long-term travelers will surely appreciate this portable appliance: a very practical, travel-friendly gift, which also comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you’re traveling to attend events or give presentations, a portable iron is a gem to have, and it helps you be prepared no matter the situation or the accommodation you opt for, which may not come with ironing facilities.

2. 100% Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Travel Case – from $19.95

A memory foam neck pillow will surely help a lot of travelers sleep better during long haul flights or coach travel. There are a lot of cute designs for neck pillows, yet it is better to make sure you opt for a high-quality one, that will actually improve the quality of sleep and help support your head properly, to avoid back pain.

3. Amazon Kindle – Perfect for Travelers who love to read – from $89.99

A Kindle can be a life-saver when you’re stuck for hours and hours traveling, and your phone and laptop battery die. If you have friends who love back-packing, or who are planning to do long journeys by train or bus, an Amazon Kindle can make an amazing gift.

It’s the perfect way to carry your favorite books on your travels, without any added weight. Furthermore, books are cheaper in Kindle format and you have easy access to them from all over the world, unlike paper books which may be hard to find in certain countries, given language differences. My kindle has kept me company on so many trips, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading.

4. Water Resistant Travel Watches – from $64.99

Watches are always a good idea. There are numerous watch models that are perfectly designed for travelers, with features such as water resistance, pedometer, alarm clock function, etc.

During our year of full-time traveling, we wore Swatch watches during our adventures, and we were impressed by their endurance. We have a little discount code for you to use on our vintage shop, which will get you a 25% discount at check out: JOURNEY25.

Swatch watches on
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Explore the watch collections to find travel-friendly watches, by resistant brands such as Swatch or Casio.

5. Colorful Compression Socks for Men and Women – from $15.99

If you’re new to the party, compression socks are great for reducing swelling after long haul flights or long bus trips. There are numerous models you can find on the market, but we particularly loved the ones below because they are quirky and exciting, not only practical. This is one of our favorite products featured in the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100.

6. Travel-Friendly Suitcases – from $83.26

Choosing the right suitcase can be challenging. Some important things to consider: it has to be lightweight, yet resistant, the wheels have to be high-quality so that you can move around easily. Therefore, if you want to offer a suitcase as a gift, get some insights into your friend’s traveling style and preferences. This way, you’ll know whether to opt for a cabin-sized suitcase or for a larger one, as well as what qualities and specific features to look for.

Finally, make sure to consider shipping time and cost, because it can get expensive for large items like suitcases.

7. Ultralight, Water-resistant Backpack for Travel – from $17.99

Another one of our favorite items out of the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100 is this Ultralight, water-resistant backpack, which is on our wishlist for this year. This is such a useful extra luggage piece that you can carry in your pocket and use only when necessary. Moreover, the fact that it’s lightweight and waterproof just means you can whip it out any time, no matter the weather conditions. Perfect for hiking as well!

8. Traveler Hoodie – from $29.99

Traveling from one place to another can be exhausting, especially when you have to spend lots of hours in planes, cars or buses. Everything that brings an extra touch of comfort means a lot to adventurers, so a hoodie can be a great travel gift.

adventurer hoodie
This hoodie comes in many colors and different designs. Find it on Etsy!

Hoodies are our top choice for days with long journeys, spent in airports and planes. We loved this beautiful hoodie we found on Etsy, yet there are many options to choose from. Make sure to look for something comfortable and of good quality. A hoodie is like a warm hug for travelers!

9. Sleep Headphones & Bluetooth Wireless 3D Eye Mask – from $22.59

An interesting travel gift that we’re tempted to try out are these Sleep headphones and 3D eye mask that is meant to cancel all the light, so you can listen to music or sleep without outside interference. This set can make a great travel gift for people who are afraid of flying, yet they are brave enough to travel anyway. A huge shout out to those guys, and hopefully this will help them enjoy the journey more.

10. Personalized Passport Cover and Luggage Tags – from $25.99

Passport covers and luggage tags are popular gifts for travelers and can be both practical and so beautiful! Our favorite market for personalized passport covers is Etsy, where you can find so many designs and shop from unique handmade businesses.

Personalized passport cover
Shop this beautiful set on Etsy!


11. Luggage Packing Organizers – from $16.99

Luggage packing organizers can be particularly useful for travelers who fly frequently. Airport searches are not a very enjoyable part of traveling, so having all your stuff well organized can make this experience easier. Also, these are a great way to save space, and they make unpacking less of an effort.

12. Microfiber Lightweight Travel Towel – from $8.99

Another one of our top choices for Best travel gifts under $100 is a microfiber lightweight travel towel. Not only are towels hard to fit in your luggage, but quite often you can even forget to pack them altogether. Moreover, sometimes you may need an extra towel, even if you get a couple from your accommodation. Traveling and doing sports is challenging enough. Something like a microfiber towel can be very useful for travelers who enjoy doing sports while on the road.

13. Travel-Friendly Portable Speaker – from $34.99

We have the exact Sony portable speaker and we highly recommend it! The sound quality is great, given its extra bass feature, the volume goes high enough and battery life is impressive. Furthermore, it has the perfect size for traveling. You can’t go wrong with a portable speaker, surely your traveling buddies enjoy listening to music.

14. Personalized Travel Enamel Mugs – from $19.99

Enamel mugs are great travel gifts for those who love to hike, who enjoy spending time outdoors, by the fire or who are living the good RV life. For an extra special touch, get them personalized! We love this beautiful set of enamel mugs we found on Etsy:

30 Best travel gifts under $100: personalized enamel mugs
Shop personalized mugs on Etsy!

15. Electronics Organizer – from $17.99

And now for that friend that travels with laptops, camera gear, power banks, and memory drives, this electronics organizer is golden. Electronics and cables are always difficult to organize and it’s a challenge to make them look good and to keep them on display for easy reach. Therefore, this could make the best gift for some travelers:

16. Travel-size Portable Blender – from $25.99

This is a travel gift that we, as long-term travelers, would definitely love to get! When you travel a lot, it’s hard to keep a healthy, balanced diet. One of the things we’ve missed most during our long trips with the trailer was (surprisingly) a blender.

For our next trips, we’ll surely try out this portable juicer, which sounds very intriguing! An affordable travel gift, with the perfect travel size and no-cable features. Check it out to find out more!

17. Personalized Cosmetic Bag – from $32.99

Cosmetic bags make great travel gifts for both women and men. Not only are they essential for keeping your toiletries in one place, but they can also come in very beautiful designs, and you can get them personalized, in order to add a special touch.

18. Travel Shoe Bags Set – from $11.88

As you can probably tell already, storage alternatives and organizers are very popular in our 30 Best Travel Gifts guide, and that is because we know how useful and practical these gifts can be. Separating your shoes from your clothes when packing is important, but there are not many ways to make it look neat and nice. So, these shoe organizers are perfect for the task, and they can also be used later, for storage in the house.

19. Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries – from $12.99

Travel-size bottles are perfect for traveling with your favorite products, stored in containers that will successfully make it through airport searches. Affordable, practical, and pretty, these can make a great traveler gift! And they are, of course, reusable, which is always a nice bonus.

Love shopping responsibly? Check out our Barcelona responsible shopping guide!

20. Cozy Soft Travel Blankets – from $22.99

Number 20 in our guide for the 30 Best Travel gifts under $100 is this cozy, soft blanket that folds into an easy-to-carry shape. It’s lightweight, and it can also be used as a pillow, having a belt that allows you to attach it to your airplane chair. Making the journey more comfortable is always in the interest of every traveler, and a cozy blanket that doesn’t take up much space is a great gift idea!


21. Personalized Travel Journal/ Notebook – from $19.99

For fellow travelers who love writing and keeping track of their adventures and amazing finds, travel journals or notebooks can make great gifts. There are many websites that allow you to personalize these journals, so you can add a personal touch to your gift.

22. Portable Fast-Charging Power Banks – from $19.99

Fast-charging power banks are a traveler’s best friend. If you’re looking for a practical travel gift, this is a great choice! Lightweight, slim and easy to carry, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this.

23. Relaxing Face Masks for Long-Haul Flights – from $9.70

Long haul flight or long bus/train trips are often a challenge. A great gift for travelers could be a pack of relaxing face masks that can make them sit back and enjoy the traveling experience more. A little spa treatment on the go not only makes the skin feel better, but it may also elevate one’s mood and raise their appetite for adventure after a long, exhausting trip.

24. Scratch-off Map of the World – from $23.98

Scratch-off world maps have become quite popular in recent years, yet they still make amazing gifts for travelers who love to keep track of their explorations. We chose this world map because it’s on high-quality paper and, as you can see below, it has a deluxe version of the United States, which allows you to color each state you visited individually.

25. Airplane Travel Footrest – from $8.99

An interesting accessory to prevent your feet from swelling, the airplane travel footrest is great for long-haul flights. This is one of our latest discoveries on Amazon and we’re eager to test it out as well. All in all, it looks like a great idea to keep your feet happy, and one of the best travel gifts under $100.

26. Double Camping Hammock – from $26.99

During many of our adventures, we’ve actually had a hammock with us to make the most of our outdoor explorations. It really is a great, useful gift for travelers who love spending time outdoors. Relaxing outside, or sleeping under the stars can be a lovely experience. For your adventurous friends, one of the 30 Best travel gifts under $100 is definitely this double camping hammock, which comes in a variety of colors.

27. Adventure Book Inspired by Up Movie

If you haven’t seen Up yet, go check it out! It’s a heartwarming animated movie that will surely change your perspective on adventure! For travel couples who love this movie, the adventure book is an amazing gift. This is by far our top pick from our guide of travel gifts.

Best travel gifts: our adventure book
Shop this handmade Adventure Book on Etsy!

28. Airbnb 50$-100$ Gift Cards – from $50

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. It currently covers more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries worldwide. They have introduced the gift cards feature, so you have the option to offer your friends credit that they can use for their future trips. We love this gift idea because it doesn’t condition their choice for a particular destination or accommodation.

29. All-in-one Travel Adapter – from $19.99

A very practical addition to our 30 Best travel gifts under $100 is the all-in-one travel adapter, which can be so useful for many travel destinations. A universal adaptor like this one can save a traveler a lot of money, and knowing that it is fit for more than 200 countries, you can rest assured that it can be used almost everywhere in the world.

30. A Warm Beanie for Travelers who Love Cold Weather Destinations – from $20.99

And the last item on our list is a warm beanie, that will surely add to the coziness theme we have followed so far: cozy socks, hoodie, blanket and finally, the beanie! Make sure to go for a warm and soft material, that will keep adventurers warm and happy as they venture in their exciting journeys around the world!

30 Best travel gifts under $100: warm beanie
This beanie comes with a thermal band for extra warmth and coziness.

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What is the best travel gift for you?

Finally, we’ve reached the end and we hope you found the guide for the 30 Best travel gifts under $100 useful! As frequent travelers, we use most of these things already and they have helped us a lot, and the rest we can’t wait to try out and report back! So, what about you? Do you find these gifts useful? Let us know in the comments below what is the best gift for travelers you came up with! We’re excited to know.


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means we get a small commission when someone makes a purchase. We are not paid to advertise any of these products, we simply found them useful and wanted to share our gift ideas with you.

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