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Fortaleza de Sagres: Trip to Algarve’s Most Scenic Spot!

July 31, 2019

Sagres is a spot you cannot miss! The best tips for your day trip to Sagres are here: follow us from Fortaleza de Sagres to Praia do Tonel! Take the best photos, eat the best burger, go to the most beautiful beach in Algarve, all in one day. Eager to know more? 

Getting to Fortaleza de Sagres…

Sagres is located on the western part of Algarve, and it’s a hot spot for surfers and campers. It can be reached very easily by car, or even better, if you’re traveling with a camper, there is a huge parking lot very close to the Fortress.

View from Fortaleza de Sagres - journeyplane.com
View from Fortaleza de Sagres

Otherwise, there are regular buses from Lagos: you can find the timetable here. The ticket is less than 3 euros for a one-way trip, and there are multiple stops along the way that you should also consider exploring (more details in a future post).

Is it worth visiting Fortaleza de Sagres?

The ticket for the Fortress is only 3 euros, and you get access to the most stunning views. What’s most impressive is not the construction itself, but the spectacular walks, rock formations, and waves you can admire when you reach the Cape Sagres viewpoint, which is behind the Fortress walls.

Lighthouse on the grounds of Fortaleza de Sagres
Lighthouse on the grounds of Fortaleza de Sagres

After you pass through the gates, you’ll find a long path that guides you to a photogenic, red lighthouse, surrounded by desert flowers. All around, the ocean encircles the land, and high waves hit the rocky shore, in a unique natural spectacle. The walk on the grounds is a charming experience for outdoor lovers, and it’s imperative to bring a camera!

Stunning waves hitting the cliffs in Sagres - journeyplane.com
Stunning waves hitting the cliffs in Sagres

There are people who argue that it isn’t worth paying for the ticket, but we believe otherwise. The views are without comparison, so if you love photography and breath-taking landscapes, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity! Lighthouses are always a good idea.

Tips to make the most of your trip!

Go there well-rested and explore as much as possible!

View from Fortaleza de Sagres
View from Fortaleza de Sagres

There’s quite a lot to explore and every corner hides a more and more beautiful view! Walk all the paths, take in all the scenes, and make sure you take a minute or two to watch the waves. Even if we got tired at some point, we kept on walking to see the ocean from all the angles we could, and we were never disappointed by the next best view.

Wear a beanie or a hoodie… It’s so windy!

Stones at Fortaleza de Tonel - journeyplane.com

After walking around for a couple of hours, our heads were spinning. Fortaleza de Sagres is located right where the west coast and the east are meeting, so the wind can be very strong, even on the sunniest days. This is a tip we wish we had read before going there!

Pack your bathing suit and walk to the beach!

Finished your walk around the Fortress grounds? It’s time to descend to Praia do Tonel. Discover this gem, located only 5 minutes away from the Fortaleza de Sagres.

Praia do Tonel as seen from Fortaleza de Sagres
Praia do Tonel as seen from Fortaleza de Sagres

Just look at this beach! Praia do Tonel is one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen in Algarve! Despite the generally cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the experience is truly something special: the wonderful rock formations, the long waves, the colors of the water and the unique climate of the area – it’s way more impressive than any regular beach!

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Don’t worry! The wind is not as strong on the beach as it is on the cliffs or on the grounds of Fortaleza de Sagres. Its location is somewhat protected from strong winds, yet it’s still windy enough for you to get some nice surfing waves.

Take a surfing lesson!

Rock formations near Praia do Tonel  - journeyplane.com
Rock formations near Praia do Tonel

Are you into surfing or would like to learn? You’re at the right place. Sagres has amazing waves and a lot of shops where you can rent or buy surfboards. You can book a beginners’ surf lesson if you have the time, it could be a great activity to make your trip even better!

Photography enthusiast? Check out our Sintra Instagram guide!

Surfer on Praia do Tonel Algarve  -journeyplane.com
Surfer on Praia do Tonel

Have a burger with a view!

A day trip is not complete without good food! Sagres has quite a variety of restaurants where you can eat traditional dishes, as well as more laid-back places where you can get burgers, toasts and french fries.

Have a beer on Praia do Tonel
Terrace at Praia do Tonel

Praia do Tonel introduces you to one tiny terrace, with the most impressive view. It’s the best place to take a short break from exploring, and have a bite to eat, maybe a beer, while looking at the ocean. The veggie burgers are especially delicious here, we highly recommend them (5.20 euros).

These are our tips to make your trip to Fortaleza de Sagres more stress-free and colorful. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below!

We’ve visited Sagres a few times now, and we’ve loved it every time. The sunnier, the prettier! We’ll get back soon with more tips, this time for your visit to Sagres’ Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente, which is just as stunning!

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