Top 10 Destinations for Nature Lovers in Portugal

June 4, 2020

Whether we like it or not, traveling has changed. Within the last year, the tourism industry has suffered more than any other because of the Coronavirus crisis. In this article, we chose to explore some of the most beautiful Destinations for Nature Lovers in Portugal, to give you some insights about where you can spend your next travel escape while helping Portugal’s economy, which relies heavily on tourism. Natural, remote, pristine, these destinations are perfect for the current traveling environment. Discover our TOP 10 Travel Destinations for 2020!

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A Visual Journey to Venice: Travel From Home

April 23, 2020

Remember the times when travel destinations were so packed with people that we had a hard time taking photos with our favorite sights? The world looks a lot different today. And as much as we miss those times now, we have to acknowledge that this period is also a blessing for our planet. The earth has a chance to breathe. Over the last weeks, we had to figure out new ways of traveling, and here is what we came up with: A Visual Journey of Venice, our Travel from home guide.

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Austria, DACH region

Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Offensee

February 19, 2020

In our new mini-series, explore with us some of the most stunning lakes in the Austrian Alps! A mountain lover’s paradise, Austria is the perfect destination for skiing, hiking, spas and relaxation, no matter the season.
Discover our top of the list when it comes to Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Offensee!

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Austria, DACH region

Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Hallstatt and Hallstätter See

February 19, 2020

Probably one of Austria’s most spectacular destinations, Hallstatt has become very popular in recent years. And no wonder, given its stunning location and fairytale-like scenery. Whether you’re planning an adventure to Hallstatt by car or by train, we got all the tips you need for an amazing day in the Austrian Alps.
Let’s dive into our mini-series where we explore Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Hallstatt and Hallstätter See!

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Austria, DACH region

Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Traunsee

February 19, 2020

Follow our mini-series where we introduce you to some of the most stunning lakes in the Austrian Alps. After discovering Offensee and Hallstätter See, explore with us another one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Traunsee! Here’s all you need to know before planning your trip to Gmunden and Ebensee, the picturesque Upper-Austrian towns surrounding Traunsee!

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Iberia, Portugal

Lisbon in Winter: All you need to know

January 10, 2020

Portugal is our favorite winter sun destination in Europe. Let us introduce you to the magic of Lisbon in winter! Colorful cobbled streets bathed in sunshine, eclectic graffiti art, spectacular sunsets, and unique street performers. Ready to start your Portuguese winter adventure?

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Iberia, Portugal, Travel hacks

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints | Travel Home Decor

December 29, 2019

Our first digital prints collection is now live and we’re proud to present you our Top 10 choices! A collection of high-resolution photos, capturing the most stunning destinations from our summer-long journey through Portugal. What you’ll love about these prints? Amazing tones of turquoise blue, versatile decor pieces that bring warmth and ocean colors to your home or office space, they make perfect gifts for travelers and ocean lovers! Let’s explore our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints!

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Travel hacks

30 Best Travel Gifts under $100: Useful Travel Gifts Guide

December 6, 2019

Follow our guide to the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100 to choose the most beautiful and useful gifts for your friends who love to travel! Updated for 2020 and based on our full-time traveling experiences, this travel gift guide features some amazing products that travelers actually need, to make their adventures more enjoyable and to add that extra touch of comfort. Perfect travel sizes, affordable prices, lightweight and practical, let’s discover the 30 Best Travel Gifts under $100!

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DACH region, Germany

Top 3 Berlin Christmas Markets: Berlin in December

December 3, 2019

With over 70 Christmas markets to choose from, a weekend in Berlin can be quite a challenge for Christmas enthusiasts! If Berlin is your next travel destination, grab a cozy blanket and a cup of tea and let’s dive into the Top 3 Berlin Christmas markets!
P.S. A Christmas surprise is waiting for you at the end of this guide...

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