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Loulé Market: Discover Algarve’s Most Pictureque Village!

July 25, 2019
Algarve's picturesque village Loule

Discover with us the best destination for your Saturday trip in Algarve! Loulé Market is the hidden Portuguese gem in the heart of Algarve. Picturesque, colorful, fresh and delicious, a trip to Loulé is exactly what you need when you’re ready to take a break from lying in the sun. Here’s your guide for a day in Loulé!

Picturesque streets of Loulé - Loulé  market - journeyplane.com
Picturesque streets of Loulé

How to get to Loulé Market…

Loulé is perfectly located, within easy reach from Albufeira and Faro, two of Algarve’s most visited destinations. Eva buses travel between these locations frequently and prices are very affordable (6.50 euros return ticket from Faro, 8.60 euros return ticket from Albufeira). You can check the timetables and even purchase online tickets on their website.

Otherwise, the little town is accessible by car. We suggest you visit it on Saturday morning if you have the possibility since Loulé market is open and in full bloom then. You can easily find free parking 10-15 minutes away from the center. On the central part of the Loulé, you have to pay for parking between 9 am and 1 pm on Saturdays, but the rest of the day is free.

Discover Loulé Market and its wonderful colors

Portugues colors and flavors come alive as you wander the streets of Loulé. Fresh fruit, flowers, herbs, fish, and seafood, you’ll find them all in Loulé Market (or Mercado de Loulé). In addition to this delightful experience of the senses, Portuguese people are very welcoming, polite and always smile. We had a great, relaxing time exploring the market and discovering all the quirky little corners of this tiny village.

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Loulé Market and nearby streets - Journeyplane.com
View of Loulé Market and Nearby Streets

The market has a covered part, in a beautiful building in shades of white and light red, and the rest of it unfolds on the streets nearby. Numerous cafes and tiny restaurants are placed within the market. You can stop there for a coffee and toast, or maybe have a beer on the steps of the market, as many locals do.

Wander the streets of Loulé

Portugal is home to many artists: local crafts shops, ateliers, tiny designer stores, and so much more can be discovered just by randomly wandering the streets of Portuguese cities and villages. Loulé is no exception.

Local Palm Weaving Shop - Loulé Market
Local Palm Weaving Shop

Don’t be afraid to explore Loulé a little deeper. Have a look inside the many shops and restaurants you see left and right. You can come back from your trip with some great finds, locally-made with lots of passion and love.

Segredos de Camille Gift shop Loulé
Segredos de Camille – Gift shop

One of the shops we discovered is Segredos de Camille, a beautiful gift shop where you can buy Craft beers, wines, teas and other gifts that are a bit different in style than the usual souvenirs you’ll find everywhere in Portugal.

Shopping in Loulé  - Loulé Market
Segredos de Camille Gift Shop – A Sardinha de Lisboa

Capture the Portuguese colors

Loulé Market is not the only spot that will awaken your creative side. The streets of Loulé are so picturesque and full of color, they will most definitely charm you. Spend a Saturday in Loulé by simply walking around, discovering and capturing the most beautiful details. Loulé is without a doubt a lovely destination for those interested in travel photography!

Colorful streets of Loulé - Loulé Market - journeyplane.com

And if you don’t have a big budget for souvenirs, find something in Loule’s colorful gift shops. Homewear, paintings, jewelry or clothing, find a memory you’d love to look back on. We’ll most certainly buy something with sardines on it soon!

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Finally, eat locally!

Loulé is the best place to relax and have a wonderful meal in the shade. So many terraces around every corner are ready to introduce you to Portuguese cuisine.

Hidden terrace on the streets of Loulé  - Loulé Market - journeyplane.com
Hidden terrace on the streets of Loulé

If you’d like to stop for a coffee or a cold beer, to freshen up, check out the picturesque kiosks located in the green areas of Loulé. A breath of fresh air, a picturesque view, and a last meal or drink before heading back to the beach and the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean!

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