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The most beautiful beach in Portugal: Praia da Cordoama

September 12, 2019
Praia da Cordoama, the most beautiful beach in Portugal

The place where we’ve spent most of our beach days in Algarve, a paradise for surfers, where the mountains meet the ocean waves: discover Praia da Cordoama. We’ll take you on a quick tour of the most beautiful beach in Portugal! That is, of course, our opinion. But why not see for yourself?

How to get there

Chilling on Praia da Cordoama

Praia da Cordoama is located in western Algarve, on the west coast, and within easy reach from Vila do Bispo. The easiest way to get there is by car. The views and scenery are quite spectacular on the way to the beach, and so is the beach itself. There is a parking lot right next to the beach, where campers and vans often make their way during the day.

Otherwise, you can walk there or cycle from Vila do Bispo. It’s quite a long walk, but the scenery and final destination are so worth it! We went on a hike on a cloudy day and got to see the beaches on the coast from the top of the hills as well, and they looked even more stunning:

Praia da Cordoama from above

Why this is the most beautiful beach in Portugal

Though people have different preferences for the most beautiful beach in Portugal, for us Praia da Cordoama was the place we’d always return to. When we first discovered it, the beach was covered by a thick cloud of fog, lifting up from the ocean and all the way to the little mountain tops.

Foggy day at the beach

Calling them mountains is a bit of a stretch, but the hill formations here do look like tiny mountains. Impressive rock structures and a very particular type of nature and plants, they all add up to the beauty of this beach paradise. Be it sunny or cloudy, this beach always has a perfect, relaxing vibe and the best temperature.

Why Praia da Cordoama is the most beautiful beach in Portugal

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Beach life: what Praia da Cordoama has to offer

Except for the amazing scenery, Praia da Cordoama is a paradise for surfers in Algarve. Usually, you’ll find here powerful ocean waves, which are perfect for both surfing and a good swim in the ocean. If you’re not yet an experienced surfer, but you’d love to try it, there are schools that offer surfing lessons here. You can also rent suits and surfboards at Praia da Cordoama.

The most beautiful beach in Portugal: Praia da Cordoama

Close to the beach, you’ll find a bar where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat. Like most beaches in western Algarve, Praia da Cordoama is quite pristine. On beaches like this one, you’ll most likely only find a bar and a surf rental boutique. And that’s all you need, really!

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In case you’re traveling with your furry friend, you should know that dogs are allowed on this beach. And they will probably enjoy the waves as well since the waters are quite shallow on the oceanfront.

The perfect beach for Furry friends

Photos speak louder than words for this beautiful beach in Algarve! If you decide to follow our advice and visit this wonderful spot, make sure to tag us in your posts, so we’ll see what you’ve discovered!

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Postcard from Praia da Cordoama

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