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Is it worth visiting Sagrada Familia? Inside Gaudi’s masterpiece

January 9, 2019
Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly an astonishing work of art. There is so much beauty and meaning behind every element of this cathedral! But is it really worth visiting the inside of Sagrada Familia?

We are about to show you something you cannot miss!

Inside of Sagrada Familia and its magic lights
Inside Sagrada Familia

Today we explored the cathedral and its wonderful journey towards completion.

So we’ll give you some insights on how to plan and prepare for your visit. And we’ll let the beauty of Gaudi’s design convince you that it’s so worth it!

Preparing for your visit

Purchase your ticket online, in advance, for the date and time when you want to visit the cathedral.

Find the best package for you and don’t queue up to get in. You can find the different ticket types here.

We opted for the one that included the visit to the Nativity Tower and the audio guide.

View from the Nativity Tower of Sagrada Familia
View from the Nativity Tower

In my opinion, it was worth it. But if you can’t afford it, it’s ok. Get the basic ticket and see the inside of Sagrada! That one really is a must!

With our ticket, we had access to a three hour time frame to visit the cathedral, at our own pace, and a specific time when we had to take the elevator up to the tower.

The ticket also included audio guides, which helped us get the bigger picture behind the church and its incredible architecture.

Nativity Tour View - Sagrada Familia
Nativity Tower view

To the Nativity Tower, we took the elevator up, at the designated time. We walked around and explored the tower and some of the balconies that gave us a chance to take great photos.

Afterwards, we began our journey down the many steps of this incredible-looking spiral staircase.

Sagrada Familia spiral staircare
Spiral Staircase in Sagrada Familia

This is not the only tower you can visit, have a look at their website and choose for yourself which experience you would prefer to have.

Why visiting the inside of Sagrada Familia is so worth it

The architecture of Sagrada Familia is so beautiful that it makes you wonder – is it as good on the inside? Yes, it is!

The inside of Sagrada is thought of as a place of meditation, as a journey inward. The main inspiration for the cathedral is nature, as Gaudi sees God as the mighty Creator.

Sagrada Familia ceiling
Sagrada Familia ceiling

That is also why, when it will be complete, the highest tower of Sagrada Familia will be as high as 172.5 meters, still lower than Mont Juic. In Antoni Gaudi’s view, men’s creation should not surpass that of God.

Pillars are resembling trees, and their branches sustain the towers of the building.

Interior of Sagrada Familia
Interior of Sagrada Familia / Pillars resembling trees

And what we found even more beautiful, is the light show that emerged when the afternoon sun beams hit the colorful windows of the cathedral.

You can see how the lights are invading the cathedral and its pillars in some of the photos we took, below. Maybe these will give you a push to come and explore for yourself!

P.S. We took these photos at about 1 pm, in January. The lighting was the most amazing then.

What do you think? Is it worth it visiting Sagrada Familia?

Do you still prefer the exterior? We’ll let you think about it!

Sagrada Familia The Passion Facade
Sagrada Familia – The Passion Facade

Stay tuned for our next blog posts! We will soon be exploring the meanings and story behind Gaudi’s masterpiece!

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