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Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Offensee

February 19, 2020

In our new mini-series, explore with us some of the most stunning lakes in the Austrian Alps! A mountain lover’s paradise, Austria is the perfect destination for skiing, hiking, spas and relaxation, no matter the season.
Discover our top of the list when it comes to Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Offensee!

Offensee: Location and how to get there

Offensee is a tiny lake located at the western end of the Totes Gebirge mountain range in Upper Austria’s part of the Salzkammergut. The easiest way to get there is probably from Ebensee, a little Austrian town, located 90km away from Linz.

Austrian Alps at Offensee

The best way to get to Offensee and the other fairytale-like nearby towns and resorts is by renting a car. This is by far the easiest way to move around in the region and to take advantage of its beautiful views and gorgeous lakes. Alternatively, the train routes are quite complicated, but you can catch a train to Ebensee and then get a ride to Offensee.

Driving from Ebensee

If you’re driving in winter, make sure your car has snow tires. Also, always keep an eye on your speed limit, and whenever you park, watch out for parking meters. Otherwise, you can get fined or your car may get towed. To be safe, you can check out some basic rules for driving in Austria here.

Welcome to Offensee
Austrian winter path
Path to Offensee

Once you get to the end of your drive to Offensee, a small parking area is awaiting and you can continue on foot. Follow the path around the lake to hunt the most impressive viewpoints.

Austria’s most beautiful lakes: Offensee

Why is Offensee at the top of our list? What impressed us most is the quietness, calm and serenity that surround it. The beauty of its perfect reflection of the mountains lies in its stillness. Just imagine how amazing this view must look in other seasons as well:

Austria's most beautiful lakes: Offensee
Austria's most beautiful lakes: Offensee
Austria's most beautiful lakes: Offensee
Austria's most beautiful lakes: Offensee

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Offensee Moutain Reflection

Mini-series: Austria’s most beautiful lakes

If we caught your eye with this stunning lake in the Austrian Alps, we invite you to follow our mini-series featuring other impressive Austrian lakes. We let the photos speak louder than words in this series because some views need no further description.

Hence, explore with us:

Hallstatt (Hallstätter See)

Austria's most beautiful lakes - Hallstatt

Gmunden (Traunsee)

Gmuden, Ebensee

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Austria's most beautiful lakes: Offensee
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