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Hidden gems of Barcelona: Labyrinth Park of Horta

February 1, 2019

Barcelona is quite a green city. It boasts many wonderful parks, and we can name a few – Ciutadella Park, Güell Park, Joan Miro Park and so on. But have you heard of the Labyrinth de Horta Park? Easily reachable by metro or bus, away from the crowded touristy places, Barcelona Labyrinth Park is the perfect destination for a day of relaxing in the sun!

Beautiful afternoon at Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta
Beautiful afternoon at Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta

Get lost in the labyrinth!

The history of the Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta goes back all the way to 1792 when an Italian engineer designed the gardens for the owner of the estate at the time, Joan Desvalls, the Marquis of Llupià and Alfarràs.

Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta A place steeped in history
A place steeped in history

In other words, even now, despite the passage of so many years, the place still looks deeply grounded in history and it’s quite the fairy tale scene.

Sunshine and flowers / Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta
Sunshine and flowers / Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta

The gardens have been beautifully maintained until today. Flowers, meadows, waterfalls, majestic statues and old structures are waiting to be explored!

55 Hectares worth of discovery. Spend a great day in the ever-present Barcelona sunshine. This place is amazing for children, as well. It’s safe for them to play around, and you can embark on the labyrinth experience together!

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Of course, we advise you to join the labyrinth experience on your own, or with your friends as well. Awaken the adventurer within and feel like a child all over again!

How to get there and ticket prices

The closest metro stop to Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta is Mundet (L3). It’s only a five-minute walk away from the entrance of the park.

The ticket is only 2.17 euros. However, you can enter for free every Wednesday and Sunday!

Statues of Barcelona: Labyrinth Park of Horta
Statues of Barcelona Labyrinth Park of Horta

Why is Barcelona Labyrinth Park special?

This calm, not so popular gem of Barcelona is one of our favorite places in the city. We had a great, chill day discovering it.

Firstly, we strongly recommend it because it tells a story. You can get lost in its fairy-tale, discover its hidden pathways and create your own, singular journey and experience. By visiting the Barcelona Labyrinth Park, above all, you get to travel deeper and to taste the wonder of a different time, which seems to be carefully preserved here.

View of the park in winter

Secondly, if you enjoy photography, this is a so-called Instagram-worthy place. The sun shines almost every day in Barcelona, and its light falls beautifully on the many statues and architectural gems in the park. So, take advantage of the sunny weather, no matter the season, and start creating!

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Find out more about the park’s history here.

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