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Top 5 Best Photography Spots in Porto

July 17, 2019

Of all the destinations we’ve explored, we’ve watched the best sunsets in Portugal! Cobbled streets, orange rooftops, exceptionally high bridges, and the most romantic river: the city of Porto should be your next destination! Welcome to our travel photography tour, where you’ll find the best photography spots in Porto.

Sunset view from Igreja da Serra do Pilar - Porto travel photography
Sunset view over Porto

5. Porto Cathedral

The first spot on our list is Porto Cathedral! It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Porto’s cobbled streets, as nearly every corner of this stunning hilly city is offering you a new photo opportunity. However, the view from Porto Cathedral is glorious at sunset and it should not be missed.

Porto Cathedral - View over the terrace
Porto Cathedral

Seagulls make this view even more charming! The shots we’ve taken here are a lot prettier with these huge, adorable birds flying around. Be careful with your food, though. It might get stolen!

Porto Cathedral - view over the city
Porto Cathedral – View over the city

The entry to the Cathedral is free, except for the cloister, where you need to pay 3 euros.

4. Douro River

The Douro River is the magic river that separates Porto from Vila Nova de Gaia. The two sides are connected by amazingly high bridges and on either side, you can find cozy restaurants, terraces, wine cellars, and breathtaking views!

Find your perfect spot by the river and enjoy the most spectacular sunset over Porto. The photo below was taken last winter, on the Vila Nova de Gaia side. The orange rooftops and colorful boats only add to the beauty of the sunset sky.

The riverside surely belongs in the top five best photography spots in Porto! It’s not a view from above, but it’s a stunning view still! It’s a good spot to make your very own Portuguese postcard.

3. Vila Nova de Gaia

In Porto, people actually get together only to watch sunsets! On Vila Nova de Gaia, which is south of Porto, as you cross the bridge, there’s a tiny park, Jardim do Morro, where you can sit with the other locals or tourists and simply marvel at the beauty of the orange sky, as the sun sets over the Douro river.

Music performers are often around, so you may get lucky enough to listen to some lovely Fado songs while admiring this wonderful view.

If you love travel photography, here’s another destination you might be interested in!

2. Igreja da Serra do Pilar

Igreja da Serra do Pilar is also located on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the river. It’s one of the best photography spots in Porto and among the few where you can see the city and its bridges from high above.

Best Photography Spots in Porto: Sunset view from Igreja da Serra do Pilar
Sunset view from Igreja da Serra do Pilar

It’s a great spot for travel photography, as the lovely city of Porto becomes a charming, colorful background for your portraits. Needless to say, the view from here is great any time of day (or night).

1. The Gardens of the Crystal Palace

Finally, the spot you definitely shouldn’t miss in Porto: The Gardens of the Crystal Palace, or Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. This place is magic. A variety of flowers, trees and bird species live in the gardens. We visited it in winter and the trees were all in bloom, and the paths covered in fallen red flowers.

View from Torreão do Jardim do Palácio
View from Torreão do Jardim do Palácio

The best photography spot in Porto is by far this fairy-tale tower, which places you right in the heart of the story. Wandering through the gardens, you’ll surely discover this unique, hidden gem, one of Porto’s many wonderful secrets.

Best photography spots in Porto: View from Torreão do Jardim do Palácio
View from Torreão do Jardim do Palácio

Traveling tip: Porto is gorgeous, no matter the season. If you prefer exploring the city when it’s less crowded, we suggest visiting it offseason. This way, you can save some money as well, as accommodation prices drop. All the photos in this article were taken in January.

View of Porto from the Gardens of the Crystal Palace
View from the Gardens of the Crystal Palace

Until next time, we invite you to share with us your Best photography spots in Porto!

Any other insights are welcome, as we’ll be back there in September!

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