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Vegan in Barcelona: best eats in El Raval

February 21, 2019

Although tasty and diverse, Spanish cuisine is not the most vegan-friendly. Having spent more than one month in Barcelona, we have tried many vegetarian and vegan-friendly places, and we’d love to share some of the best ones with you. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan in Barcelona, you will surely find something delicious at any of these places. Here’s what we enjoyed most…

Boqueria Market - vegan in Barcelona -
Boqueria Market

No.1: Vegetalia

We’ve noticed this place when we first arrived, next to our Airbnb, in El Raval. After reading some good reviews, we decided to check it out. We later found out that there is more than one Vegetalia restaurant in Barcelona.

Vegan in Barcelona - Vegetarian Brunch @Vegetalia -
Brunch @Vegetalia (here is the Vegetarian option)

We’ve shared a Vegetarian Brunch here (you can also opt for the vegan alternative, which means you get something else instead of the egg). There was quite a lot of food and it was enough for the both of us. I had a pineapple and coconut milk smoothie, which was delicious and we had coffees as well.

Not only was the food very delicious, but they also had good wi-fi, very nice and helpful staff, and a lovely, colorful atmosphere. We highly recommend this place!

The restaurants are located here: Carrer dels Escudellers, 54, 08002 Barcelona, Spain; Plaça d’Emili Vendrell, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain; Plaça del Fossar de les Moreres, s/n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

No.2: Biocenter

Biocenter is another cozy, vegan and vegetarian-friendly place. We had breakfast and coffee here and the food was more than enough, very consistent and a lot of greens.

Breakfast @Biocenter

We had a nice experience here. The staff was very polite, the restaurant has a beautiful, welcoming design and it’s quite a relaxing place to have a meal at. The prices are quite affordable and you can probably share a meal if you aren’t very, very hungry.

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Biocenter is located here, within easy reach of Placa Catalunya, La Rambla and El Raval neighborhood.

No.3: Vegan Falafel in Boqueria Market

We can’t stop raving about this place! This is probably the best meal we’ve had during our stay in Barcelona. The food stand may not look like much, but it’s more than worth it!

Vegan Falafel
Vegan in Barcelona
Falafel @Falafel Vegano

It’s vegan, it’s only 5 euros and it’s in Boqueria Market, which means you can treat yourself to a nice fruity dessert afterward!

Cheers to dessert! @boqueria market -
Vegan in Barcelona
Cheers to dessert!

Falafel Vegano is located here. It’s on the right side of Boqueria Market, next to another vegan-friendly place. It opens at about 11 am, so you have plenty of time to work on your appetite!

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The restaurants listed above are close to Boqueria Market/ El Raval neighborhood since we’ve stayed there and we were constantly looking for places where we could enjoy some healthy food and work on our laptops.

Vegan in Barcelona? Help us out!

If you have any recommendations for vegan/vegetarian places, please let us know! We enjoy eating healthy and discovering awesome places, and it’s our plan to return to Barcelona this summer!

Barcelona art -

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