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Autumn in Algarve: Beach days aren’t over in Portugal!

September 2, 2019
Praia da Cordoama Beach days in Algarve Portugal

Not ready to give up on summer yet? We know a place where beach days aren’t over for a long time to come. If you love sandy beaches, incredible ocean waves, wine, seafood, and unbelievable sunsets, autumn in Algarve may be the best idea for you! Explore with us some of the most beautiful spots in Algarve…

Praia do Tonel seen from Fortaleza de Sagres
Praia do Tonel

Algarve is the beautiful region in the South of Portugal, well-known for its stunning beaches, warm temperatures all year round, as well as its picturesque cities, surfing and camping opportunities, and local cuisine. The Atlantic Ocean borders the Algarve region in the west and south, and due to its pleasant climate, this place attracts a lot of tourists, many of whom choose to buy vacation homes and spend their summers here.

Hence, we’d love to give you some insights into the places we loved most in Algarve: cities, attractions, and our favorite beaches. Spending autumn in Algarve could be a lovely experience: prices are dropping, the ocean water is warmer and the sun is ever-present.

Our top 10 destinations for an amazing autumn in Algarve:

1. Albufeira

Autumn in Algarve: Albufeira beach
View of Albufeira

Albufeira must be the perfect place for an autumn getaway. Just picture it: a lovely view of the ocean, a soft, sandy beach, plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities and beautiful tiny houses, picturesquely layered on its hills. Your mind might wander to the white cities of Greece.

If you love laying in the sun and enjoying a good swim, this is the place for you. Furthermore, it is so conveniently located in the center of Algarve. There’s so much you can explore from here: the Zoomarine Aqua Park, cities such as Faro, Portimao or Lagos, you can even take a day trip to the Loulé village, which is a joy to explore.

2. Portimao

Portimao port seen from above
View of Portimao

Portimao is the biggest Portuguese city in the Algarve, located quite centrally in the region. Little restaurants, cafes and street art make you feel part of the local vibe. Moreover, the city boasts some beautiful sandy beaches, surrounded by restaurants and bars, and can be guest to many festivals and parties around the year.

Autumn in Algarve: Portimao Beachfront
Portimao beachfront

Besides, if you’re in the mood for a day trip, Lagos is just a few miles away, and it’s a lovely city to explore as well.

3. Lagos

Lagos is probably our favorite city in Algarve, and where we spent most of our time this summer. It’s a smaller city than Portimao, but we feel it’s more rooted in the local color. If you love local arts and crafts, street performers and artists, you’ll definitely love Lagos.

The old town is beaming with life from morning to evening. Cute cafes and restaurants are around every corner, cobbled streets and colorful flowers will pop-up everywhere and the beach in Lagos is simply gorgeous.

In addition, Lagos is your best bet if you’re looking for a budget destination in Algarve. It’s cheaper than the Albufeira region, and you can explore the western part of Algarve, which we believe is the most beautiful area of Portugal.

4. Sagres

Autumn in Algarve: View of Sagres
View of Sagres

All you need to know about Sagres is in our blog post, where you’ll also see just how beautiful this place is! Furthermore, our post includes information on how to get there and tips for a beautiful day trip. Sagres is one of the most western points in Europe and it’s a spectacle of ocean waves and cliffs, as well as a paradise for surfers and surf enthusiasts. Read more here.

5. Cabo de Sao Vicente

Cabo de Sao Vicente is a must-see! It’s by far the most beautiful place to watch the sunset that we’ve found in Portugal! Incredible rock formations, clouds floating at your feet and unbelievable views. Please check out our blog post to see more photos! Surely we’ll convince you to set off on an adventure!

Autumn in Algarve: Cabo de Sao Vicente
Sunset at Cabo de Sao Vicente

We can’t wait to spend some days of autumn in Algarve, exploring further the western coast and Cabo de Sao Vicente, Europe’s most western point and one of the most spectacular places we’ve discovered!

6. Loulé

Exploring Loulé

Loulé has been love at first sight for us. When we were passing through this lovely, picturesque town, just on our way to Albufeira, it instantly caught our attention. The next day we made our way back and made a day of exploring Loulé’s colorful streets and local shops. All you need to know and more is in our blog post. Check it out!

You can’t spend the autumn in Algarve without enjoying the most beautiful beaches!

Apart from beach cities, such as Albufeira, Lagos or Portimao, Algarve boasts some of the most stunning beaches: pristine, isolated, tiny paradise beaches, or little dream-like beach resorts, whatever you prefer, Algarve is the place for you! So, we’ve prepared a list of our top picks:

7. Praia da Luz

Autumn in Algarve: Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz is a few minutes away from Lagos and it’s a cozy, chill beach resort. Much like Albufeira, Praia da Luz boasts some lovely, white houses, beautifully decorated with the most colorful flowers and trees in bloom.

This little resort has a few shopping opportunities, a few restaurants and terraces by the beach. And, to top it off, Lagos is within easy reach, even by taxi. It’s a perfect choice for a relaxing family or couples holiday, and the loveliest place to spend your autumn in Algarve!

8. Praia da Bordeira

Praia da Bordeira is on the west coast of Portugal. It’s a hot spot for campers and surfers and the views are simply breathtaking. Not only is the beach quite long, wide, and sandy, but the waves are also quite strong, perfect for surfing or simply having a nice dive in the ocean. The dunes of sand give you the feeling that you’re wandering off into the desert. Keep in mind that this beach is quite pristine, as most beaches on the west coast of Algarve are. Here, you’ll only find a tiny restaurant/bar and surfing classes opportunities.

Praia da Cordoama Beach days in Algarve Portugal

We definitely suggest an adventure to Praia da Bordeira, even if it’s only for a day, or just to watch the sunset from the top of the rocks!

Autumn in Algarve: view from the top of Bordeira beach

9. Praia do Tonel

Praia do Tonel is located very close to Fortaleza de Sagres. Left and right, this beach is surrounded by beautiful rock formations. However, if you decide to come here for sunbathing, check the weather in Sagres first. It can get misty and cold at times.

This beach is also a good spot for surfing. Local surf schools offer classes and training throughout the year, and Sagres has many shops where you can buy/rent surfing suits and boards.

Praia do Tonel - Beach days in Algarve, Portugal
Coffee with a view

10. Praia da Cordoama

Praia da Cordoama is the beach where we’ve spent most of our summer days in Algarve. Why? Because this place is an impressive display of mountains and rock structures, on the ocean side. It’s a hot spot for surfers and surfing enthusiasts, where you can take surfing lessons and enjoy the strong ocean waves.

Autumn in Algarve: Beach days at Praia do Cordoama

If you have the time, go for a wander on the hills. The landscape is quite interesting in this area of Portugal and the views from above are incredible. You’ll find many amazing spots for sunset watching, as well.

This beach is easily reachable from Sagres and Vila do Bispo. Check the weather for these locations beforehand, if you plan to lay in the sun. Whether you’re just looking to explore the area or to catch some waves, anytime is perfect for an adventure in this beautiful region of Algarve! There’s also a casual bar and terrace on the beach, where you can have a beer and grab something to eat.

Lastly, some quick tips to make the most of autumn in Algarve:

  • First of all, pack a beanie or a hoodie. If you’re into hiking or wandering adventures, you’ll need some wind protection.
  • Rent a car! It’s the perfect way to see all the amazing sights Algarve has to offer!
  • Go sunset watching! Not only is the west coast stunning, but watching the sunset over the Atlantic is a must!
  • Go camping! Algarve is the perfect destination for camper, van, and trailer enthusiasts. Campsites are cheap, there are many parking spots with views of the ocean. In addition, the weather is warm all year round! Consider renting a camper or a van, if you want to save money and prolong your travels.
  • Last but not least, try local dishes and local beer. Tiny, local restaurants make the most delicious fish-based meals!

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