A Visual Journey to Venice: Travel From Home

April 23, 2020

Remember the times when travel destinations were so packed with people that we had a hard time taking photos with our favorite sights? The world looks a lot different today. And as much as we miss those times now, we have to acknowledge that this period is also a blessing for our planet. The earth has a chance to breathe. Over the last weeks, we had to figure out new ways of traveling, and here is what we came up with: A Visual Journey of Venice, our Travel from home guide.

Our memory cards are still packed with hundreds of photos from our travels last year. So we’d like to create some visual guides of the cities and natural destinations we enjoyed most. This way, anyone can travel from the comfort of their home. Later, you might even find the best timing and the resources to plan the actual trip to the place you’ve loved most.

Colorful Streets of Venice

First on our list: A Visual Guide to Venice

One of the most photogenic destinations we’ve explored is Venice. Therefore, we decided to choose this destination as the first one in our series. We loved shooting and editing the photos from this beautiful city of canals, so we hope you will enjoy them as well.

P.S. If you love the edit of these photos and would like us to edit your travel photos as well, we have an editing gig on Fiverr, so you’re welcome to check it out here.

Now let’s set off on a gondola ride in Venice!

Gondola Ride in Venice
Colorful Houses in Venice
A visual journey to Venice: look at the sky
A visual journey to Venice - boats on the water
San Marco Church, Venice
A visual journey to Venice: travel from home
Pigeons in love in Venice
A visual journey to Venice
Tourists in Venice
Gondola Ride in Venice
Empty streets of Venice
A visual journey to Venice - travel from home
Gondola Ride - A visual journey to Venice
Red Peperoncini at the Market
Boat ride in Venice
A visual journey to Venice - travel from home
Pizza in Italy
A visual journey to Venice - travel from home
Carnival Masks in Venice

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Beach Time on Lido di Venezia

In case you didn’t know yet, there’s a beach in Venice, on the island called Lido di Venezia. This is the island where the Venice Film festival takes place, and it’s a more luxurious-looking island, we would say. There are boats that run regularly between Lido di Venezia and the other islands, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem.

Lido di Venezia Hotel
Beach Time in Venice

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Seashells on the beach in Venice

Let us know below what you think about the idea of a visual travel guide. Do you like the format of this Visual Journey to Venice or would you like us to include more information about the destinations / getting there / what to eat / what to do / as we did in the other blog posts so far?

Also, what other European cities would you like to discover next?

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