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December 29, 2019

Our first digital prints collection is now live and we’re proud to present you our Top 10 choices! A collection of high-resolution photos, capturing the most stunning destinations from our summer-long journey through Portugal. What you’ll love about these prints? Amazing tones of turquoise blue, versatile decor pieces that bring warmth and ocean colors to your home or office space, they make perfect gifts for travelers and ocean lovers! Let’s explore our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints!

Discover our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints:

The story behind this ocean-inspired digital prints collection is set somewhere in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal. There, we discovered some of the most beautiful destinations we’ve explored so far with our tiny house on wheels. Therefore, we decided to capture the colors of the endless Portuguese summer in our photography. So, we created a series of prints that you can use to bring some Portuguese sunshine into the decor of your home or office space.

These prints are available in our little online shop, called Vintage Radar. You can explore the entire collection by following this link. Below you’ll find a sneak preview of our favorite pieces in the collection. But stick till the end to get a special DISCOUNT CODE!

1. Turquoise Ocean Waves Digital Print

Ranked first in our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints is this eclectic Turquoise Ocean Waves print. This piece will surely be displayed on the walls of our new home as well! There is something serene and calming about ocean waves and their patterns. Moreover, this turquoise color is almost hypnotic. Just picture this print in a large size, as a statement piece of your home decor. A glimpse of the ocean to look at every day.

2. Red Lighthouse Digital Print

Above you can see a mock-up display with a few of our pieces, as an inspiration of what you can create with our turquoise and red color palette prints. Though there are a few lighthouse prints in our print collection, this one is quite a timeless, minimalist piece that we prefer. Needless to say, it goes with a variety of styles and designs, being a versatile wall art piece. This Red Lighthouse Print had to make our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints!

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints

3. Pathway to the Ocean Print 

Ranking 3rd in our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints is the Pathway to the Ocean Print, which will surely awaken the adventurer within you! Ocean lovers will always find their way back to the big blue. Not only is this the perfect gift for travelers, but this print would look great in your workspace at home or at the office. It looks like great motivation to work towards your next tropical travel adventure!

4. Surfer Beach Digital Print

For surf lovers, Algarve is a paradise of pristine beaches. Ocean waves, high-cliffs, surfing, and paragliding, do these sound like all your favorite adventures? The Surfer Beach Digital Print may be just what you need on the walls of your home as an incentive to travel more and make the most of your favorite destinations.

5. Ocean Cliffside Digital Print

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints Mockup - Algarve, Portugal
Love impressive sights? Explore deeper.

Next, we move on to our favorite place in Algarve, the End of the World. Check it out in our blog post.

Apart from the stunning scenery, this place has a touch of edginess that is beyond impressive. We have taken this photo at sunset when a ray of sunlight managed to peek through the cloud curtain. Certainly, this printable art piece will serve as a great motivation to travel more. 

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints

6. Turquoise Blue Ocean Landscape Print

Tropical Ocean View Digital Print
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Just as impressive as the high cliffs at the End of the World is this tropical view! Next in our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints is this gorgeous turquoise blue ocean perspective. Probably the dream of every sun-chasing traveler, this print can surely warm your living space. To top it off, it depicts a little boat to make the fantasy complete. How about displaying a gorgeous-blue large print like this one in your home? Does it feel sunnier already?

7. Ocean Waves Print

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints Mockup
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More ocean waves? Yes, please! Further, we continue with the incredibly beautiful spot where the Atlantic meets the high cliffs of Algarve. In addition to the warm color palette, this print is an incentive to travel, like no other. Hence, it has rightfully earned its spot in our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints.

On the other side of winter, find the land of endless summer, discover Algarve!

8. Lighthouse Ocean Front Landscape Print

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If you take a close look, you may spot a recurring subject in our travel prints collection. Personally, we find lighthouses to look amazing in landscape photography. Therefore, we wanted to include them in our prints as often as we could. At the same time, we got that touch of color needed to make our photos stand out. Consequently, when choosing a print like this one, you get a calm, serene color palette, with an exciting touch of bright red, to color the frame.

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints

9. Tropical Island Lighthouse Landscape Print

Lighthouse Landscape Digital Print
Lighthouse lovers, check out this print!

Nearing the end of our Top 10 Travel Digital Prints, we’re introducing this exciting landscape of Algarve! Instantly, by looking at this print you can get a glimpse of the unusual, wild nature in the south of Portugal. An exciting mix of blue skies and desert-like rough nature topped with a beautiful, timeless lighthouse, too. This is probably one of the most interesting prints in our collection, that we’ll surely have displayed in our new place as well!

10. Wildflower Turquoise Print

Top 10 Travel Digital Prints Mockup

Finally, we’re presenting our final choice from our series of digital prints: the Wildflower Turquoise Print. We wanted to include a more versatile piece as well, which is perfect for nature lovers looking for a simple, yet an impactful piece of art. Beyond the lovely nature depicted in the photo, this print comes with a distinctive color palette that will absolutely charm you.

About our Travel Digital Prints collection

Our digital prints collection is entirely composed of high-resolution photos that we have taken and edited ourselves during our travels. Therefore, these pieces cannot be resold or used for commercial purposes, unless we grant you permission to use them. It’s important to know that these are digital files, which means you will get a digital print via e-mail, and not a physical item.

However, keep in mind that these are high-resolution files, which can be printed in any size you prefer. For further information, you can check out the description of each product, and you’ll find there all you need to know.

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For those of you who don’t know yet, we have a little online store called Vintage Radar that we run remotely. In this way, we can finance out travels and continue creating exciting travel content for our platforms. Because we want to thank you for your support, we’re offering our fellow travel enthusiasts an all-year-round available discount code: JOURNEY25.

So, use this code at check out (after adding your print to cart and entering your details) to get an extra 25% discount on your purchase!

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