Paleokastritsa Beach – Full travel guide to Corfu

August 13, 2023
Guide to Paleokastritsa Beach, Cofru

Paleokastritsa beach is one of the few sandy beaches in Corfu. In this article, we show you how to organize a trip to Paleokastritsa, Corfu, on a budget, and without a car. If an affordable adventure on Corfu island sounds good to you, this blog post is a must-read!

A guide on how to organize a trip to Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu

1. How to get to Paleokastritsa

There are two main ways to get to the island of Corfu: by plane or by ferry. There are a number of regular flights from various destinations in Europe to Corfu airport. Ryanair is operating a regular low-cost flight during the summer months, which is a great choice for low budget travelers.

From Greece, ferries to Corfu depart from the ports of Igoumenitsa (1 and a half hours) and Patras (about 7 hours). For more information, check out the Ferries in Greece website.

How to get to Paleokastritsa

From Corfu city to Paleokastritsa:

Once you get to Corfu city, you can take a bus to Paleokastritsa, or a taxi. There is a regular A9 bus, operated by Green Buses, that travels to Paleokastritsa and costs 2.30 euros one way. You can find the details and the departing routes here. A taxi will cost between 30-60 euros (don’t be afraid to haggle).

Tip! Don’t rely on these buses if you need to get to the airport or somewhere important at a certain hour. They are way off-schedule sometimes.

Some tourists prefer to rent a car to drive around the island. There are a lot of car rental companies you can choose from at the airport.

2. Where to stay

When it comes to accommodation, Corfu island is quite an expensive place. The key to saving money when planning a trip to Corfu is to book your accommodation as early as possible. In this way, you’ll find available rooms in the more budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses.

We stayed at Belvedere Paleo, which was a very affordable option. We chose this accommodation because of the sea view you get from the terrace, which was indeed breathtaking. The guesthouse is located in this stunning little bay, with very calm, turquoise-blue water.

View of Paleokastritsa beach

The rooms are pretty basic, but clean. And the air conditioning keeps up with the warm weather. Now let’s have a look at the view from our room:

View from our room in Paleokastritsa

Heavenly, isn’t it?

BUT… here’s where we recommend staying:

Zephiros Traditional Hotel. We loved this place and its relaxed, holiday vibes. We had breakfast at this hotel’s restaurant every morning during our trip to Corfu, because it’s right next to the beach. The coffee and food were delicious, and the staff always welcoming. So if we ever return to Paleokastritsa, this is the hotel we would choose.

If you have a more generous budget, and want to stay closer to the party area of Paleokastritsa, then you should check out Bouganville.


Very budget-friendly & seaside view: Belvedere Paleo
Comfortable, nice restaurant & right by the beach: Zephiros Traditional Hotel
Comfortable & luxurious, in the party area: Bouganville

3. Where to eat & drink

There are plenty of good restaurants in the area of Paleokastritsa. We would recommend choosing Greek cuisine restaurants. Not only because you get to experience the local dishes, but also because food really tastes better there.

These are some of the best bars & restaurants we tried in Paleokastritsa:

Chill breakfast & coffee by the beach: Zefiros restaurant

We loved stopping by this place for a coffee and a quick bite before going to the beach. It’s located right behind Agios Spiridon beach.

Quick lunch right on the beach: Corner Snack Beach Bar

This is the best place to have lunch if you’re at the Agios Spiridon Beach – probably the largest sandy beach in Paleokastritsa. The restaurant/bar is very relaxed, budget-friendly, and it has a few kid-friendly dishes as well. And this is the view you get:

View of Agios Spiridon Beach

Traditional Greek dinner & dances: Nausica Tavern

Every Saturday evening you also get to enjoy Greek music and traditional dances at Nausica Tavern. The food was lovely as well. What we loved most: vegetarian moussaka, chicken souvlaki, chicken with mushrooms & the Greek salad.

Dinner at Nausica Tavern, Paleokastritsa

Cocktails in a spectacular setting: La Grotta Bar

La Grotta Bar is a must for those looking to enjoy the nightlife in Paleokastritsa as well. Or if you just want to relax with good music and a delicious cocktail. The bar is located in a spectacular location, in a very steep bay. If you come at night, you’ll love following the music to discover this location. And the best thing about La Grotta is that it’s a great spot for nighttime swimming.

Cocktails at La Grotta

4. Best sandy beach in Paleokastritsa

If you love sandy beaches as much as we do, Corfu is quite a tough destination to find them. But in Paleokastritsa, you have two sandy beaches that are very nice: the Agios Spiridon Beach and the Agios Petros Beach. You’ll find beds and umbrellas at these beaches, but in limited numbers.

Best sandy beach in Paleokastritsa: Agios Spiridon

We spent most of our time at Agios Spiridon, especially because we went in June when it wasn’t peek season yet. If you plan your holiday at these beaches, keep in mind that a lot of tourists come here in July and August. There are organized boat tours that will bring people here for the whole day. So come early to get your sunbeds or your spot on the beach.

5. Fun activities to do in Paleokastritsa beach and nearby

Make your summer holiday more exciting with a few fun activities in Paleokastritsa. Here’s our recommendations:

Rent a pedal boat and go snorkeling

This is one of the most fun and budget-friendly things you can do in Paleokastritsa. We rented a pedal boat at Agios Spiridon Beach. It is generally between 10-20 euros per hour.

View of Paleokastritsa from the pedal boat

View from the pedal boat

You can pedal quite far on your boat, since the bay is quite calm and people on the boats are very laid back. You can stop to swim or go snorkeling and look for fish. Or you can use the boat to explore the small bays and beaches nearby.

Go on boat tour or rent a boat

There are a lot of boat tours departing from Paleokastritsa. Some will last half a day, some an entire day. And they can take you to beautiful, remote beaches. We headed to a lovely white stone beach in our boat trip.

Tip! Make sure to get water and something to eat on your boat trip. Our boat left us on a beautiful pristine beach, but there were no bars, restaurants, anything.

If you want, you can also rent a small motorboat and drive it yourself.

You will find most boat tours and rentals at the Alipa Port.

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Go on a hike to the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and the view point

From the Agios Spiridon Beach, you can take a small hike to the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and the view point. It’s a 1 km hike, and you get to see a lovely view of the sea from above.

6. A day trip to the city of Corfu

You can’t miss out on spending a day in Corfu city, as well. It has a lot to offer: a picturesque old-town center, dainty local shops with handmade items, a lot of jewelry stores with unique designs, and of course, many restaurants to choose from and a vivid night life.

From our 1 week trip to the island, we chose to spend the last night in Corfu city. This way, we had more time to explore the city. And we got the chance to see what the vibe is in the evenings as well.

If you have an early flight from Corfu and you don’t have a car, we recommend spending the night before in the city. Or to get a taxi from Paleokastritsa to arrive on time (organize this a day early, cause taxis are sometimes hard to find).

Before our flight, we stayed for one night at Christos Family Apartments. The apartments are within walking distance from the airport, and very clean and comfortable. But we only recommend them if you’re not bothered by plane noise.

Ready for your trip to Paleokastritsa? Let us know in the comments how it went!

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