Top 5 Things to do in Nin, Zadar

August 13, 2023
Top 5 Things to do in Nin, Croatia

In this blog post, we share the Top 5 Most Exciting Things to do in Nin, Zadar, a stunning summer holiday destination on the coast of Croatia. If you haven’t been to Nin already, it’s definitely worth checking it out! A picturesque little town surrounded by water, with beautiful beaches and unforgettable summertime activities. Let’s discover Nin together!

Is it worth going to Nin, Croatia?

Whether you’re looking for sandy beaches or for a picturesque adventure, Nin is worth checking out either way! Nin is a tiny town in the Zadar county of Croatia. It’s a half an hour away from Zadar, and it still remains a hidden gem on the beautiful Croatian coast.

Nin is a heavenly destination for families, for parents with tiny children, and laid back couples as well. It’s one of the few places in Croatia where you’ll find long sandy beaches. The sea is very shallow and calm, and that’s why the place is ideal for kids.

Nin: Seaside and mountain view

Moreover, in Nin you get two in one: a spectacular mountain view and a seaside view. Because the mountain peaks are making an appearance on the horizon. They seem to emerge behind the sea. Which in itself is magical.

So, if we got you interested to know more, let’s check out the Top 5 Things to do in Nin, to have a spectacular time there!

1. Discover the beautiful old town of Nin

Nin is definitely one of the most beautiful little towns in Croatia. You can sense the history steeped in the walls of the city that are centuries old. In the center of the town, you can even admire the remains of a Roman temple, dating back all the way to the 1st century AD!

Old town of Nin

Photo credits: adriatic.hr

But what makes Nin truly spectacular is the fact that the city is surrounded by water. Your journey to Nin will start on a bridge. The cobbled streets, the picturesque architecture, and the beautiful flowers all around will charm you. And maybe even convince you to return to Nin. Like we did.

2. Enjoy the sandy beaches

Next on our list of Top 5 Things to do in Nin is of course, going to the beach! In fact, this is how we found Nin in the first place. We were looking for a sandy beach. If you’ve been to Croatia, you know that these are hard to find.

But Nin is just a few minutes away from two sandy beaches: Ždrijac Beach and the Queens Beach. You can walk to these beaches (it takes approximately 10 minutes from the old town), or you can drive and it’s even faster.

The beaches have sun beds and umbrellas, and a bar where you can get drinks and something to eat.

The walk to Ždrijac Beach is a bit more pleasant. And you’ll also find a shop there, a fast-food restaurant, and a newly-opened pizza place (which we recommend).

Queens Beach, on the other hand, is right next to the mud baths.

Both beaches are ideal for children, because the water is very shallow and warm. And the sand is just perfect.

Tip! If you want to get sunbeds and umbrellas, you should come early in the morning. Otherwise, come with your own umbrella, because there is no shade.

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3. Take a guided tour of the salt museum

One of the pleasant surprises we had during our trip to Nin was the guided tour at the Solana Nin Salt Museum. The tours take a place four times a day, and they are offered in English, Croatian and German (not sure if the German language option is available all the time, you’ll have to check).

Solana Nin Museum

Before starting our tour, we checked out the small museum they have at Solana Nin. Afterwards, our guide took us on a tour to see the salt pools, and explained to us how salt is made. We got to learn not only about the process of salt crystallization, but also about the different species of plants, birds, and marine creatures that live harmoniously in the water pools at Solana Nin.

It was a lovely experience that we gladly recommend, if you want to do something educational, yet enjoyable during your trip.

Tip! Take an early morning or late afternoon tour if you come here during the summer and it’s very hot. You’ll spend about an hour in the sun. Otherwise, wear a hat and take a bottle of water with you.

At the gift shop, you can buy products made with the salt extracted at Solana Nin: bath salts, flavored cooking salts, Flower of salt, and many more.

Tip! Buy these natural salt products here, instead of getting them from other shops in town. They are cheaper here, directly from the source.

4. Take a canoe tour at sunset

Sea Adventure Privlaka organize a fun canoeing experience at sunset. The transparent double kayaks fitted with LED lights allow you to see what’s underneath. The tour starts from a remote location, 15-20 minutes away from Nin. You can get a taxi to drop you off and pick you up from the meeting point. For groups, you can get a discounted price.

With a bit of luck, you’ll see some fish. But in any case, you get to enjoy a lovely sunset in a transparent boat. So, we think it’s worth it either way.

5. Discover camping Zaton

A 25 minute walk away from the old town of Nin, you will find Zaton Holiday Resort. It’s a huge camping with tiny houses, trailers, caravans, and a beautiful sandy beach. This is a great location to spend a day or two, especially if it’s a windy day. The beach here is more protected from the winds that come from the mountains and can be pretty strong on the Nin beaches some days.

So if you wake up to a very windy Nin one day, Zaton is the place to go!

Zaton Holiday Resort beach

Photo credits: zaton.hr

Zaton is a great place for families with kids. The water is just as shallow. And there are a lot of fun activities for the little ones to enjoy.

Another exciting activity you can do is to take a boat trip from Zaton to the nearby islands. You’ll find people advertising these trips in the old town of Nin, or at the check-in building at Zaton. So check out the options, and make a reservation for the next day.

Tip! Food is very expensive in the Zaton Holiday Resort, and not the best quality. On your way from Nin to Zaton, stop at Plodine supermarket. And do your food shopping for the day.

Tip no.2! The walk to Zaton is shorter that indicated on Google maps. Once you get to Plodine supermarket, cross the street, and enter the camping. There is a walking path that will take you directly to the beach, through the camping.

Top 5 Things to do in Nin

We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Things to do in Nin, and that you’ll try them out. For any other questions regarding this stunning region of Croatia, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We did all of these things without having a car. But if you plan to rent one, there are a lot more fun things to do around the region. A more comprehensive guide is coming soon!

Already been to Nin? What’s your experience? What fun things did you to there? Let us know below!

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